You asked, we delivered

MPT has supported the dodge diesel transmission platform for 8 years. For 5 of those years, we've had upgraded parts for sale to enable our customers to repair and upgrade their own transmissions. There has been frequent interest in a DIY transmission build kit, and we are now pleased to offer a curated collection of transmission parts for the DIY enthusiast. 

Whether you want a smooth shifting street valve body with an 1800 stall converter for your tow rig, or a tire chirping manual valve body with a 2500 stall converter for your hot rod common rail we're here to provide quality parts. 

You asked, we delivered. Everything is in stock and ready to ship. Let's rock and roll!

47RH DIY Kits 

47RE DIY Kits

48RE DIY Kits

Supplemental youtube video for rebuild kit identifiers

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