68RFE SauceBoss valve body kit

Include aluminum deep pan?: Yes include deep pan
Core charge: I will send my core in after purchase
Include thermo bypass? For 2013-2018 trucks only: Yes include bypass
Sale price$2,485.00


68RFE SauceBoss upgrade kit

This kit is for the DIY enthusiast looking to upgrade their 68RFE. It is the most complete and effective upgrade you can perform to your 68RFE without transmission removal.  This kit addresses all of the failure points associated with the 68RFE valve body. 

Kit Includes 

Upgraded 68RFE Valve Body

  • Billet channel plate
  • New OEM solenoid pack
  • Upgraded solenoid switch valve
  • Flat sanded castings
  • Billet accumulators
  • Upgraded side cover with additional upgraded hardware
  • Compatible with 2007.5-2018 model years

OEM Mopar Filters

  • Pan/ sump filter
  • Spin on filter

Steel filter thread upgrade

Reusable pan gasket

Optional cast aluminum deep pan

  • New pan hardware
  • Magnetic drain plug 

How will this kit help make my 68RFE better?

  • Billet valve body channel casting increases rigidity of the 68RFE case. In turn this prevents cross leaks.
  • Valve body features upgraded accumulators that will provide better hydraulic sealing characteristics. These accumulators also reduce side loading in their bores. 
  • Valve body has an upgraded solenoid switch valve for more reliable transmission operation. 
  • Valve body castings are flat sanded to ensure perfect flatness. 
  • Valve body accumulator cover is thicker with additional hardware to ensure it will not deform and fail like the OEM design. 
  • New OEM solenoid pack ensures no electrical issues. 
  • The optional aluminum deep pan will also aid in stiffening the case to help reduce case deflection. 
  • Optional deep pan will increase fluid capacity and has a magnetic drain plug. This makes for an easy service. 
  • Reusable pan gasket is easier to service than factory RTV/ Silicone gasket. 
  • Steel filter thread will not strip out like OEM plastic threads. 



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