Our new (to us) test truck!


We've decided to introduce a few more offerings in our transmission parts catalog for our customers. Before we do so, it is pertinent that we perform some real world testing. To execute our test processes, we decided to build a 2WD race/ street truck. This will help us better understand the functionality of transbrake valve bodies, and allow us to test the efficacy of custom spring rates inside of our transmissions.  

Here is a little history on the truck;

It started out as a mismatched silver and red longbed. We decided to take full advantage of power to weight ratio, so the frame was shortened and a (less) mis-matched red shortbed was sourced from a local junkyard. This truck was previously owned by one of our great customers, Turba Tom. Tom has performed some upgrades to this truck, which are a huge bonus. He upgraded the tappet cover, the fuel injectors, the fuel system and installed a quadzilla tuner. He also did us a huge favor and already installed some ARP 625 headstuds. Tom performed some body repairs and welded in new cab mounts as the old ones were titanic status.

Unfortunately Tom is no longer with us, but we dedicate this build to him, and hope it helps people to remember him as who he was - the people's champ. 

Since the truck came equipped with the Quadzilla adrenaline + iquad technology, this will be our tuner of choice. Testimonials state that consumers are very pleased with the results out of their VP44 trucks, and we would like to see what we can squeeze out of our little red second gen. 

Rhodes racing fuel cell was installed in the factory spare tire area. This was to aid in weight distribution. To suspend the fuel cell in between the frame rails, we had to weld some 90 degree brackets to the exterior sides. The overall dimensions were a perfect fit. The selected 0-90 Ω sending unit is compatible with OEM readings on 1994-1999 trucks, which is a huge plus. We also have a 25 gallon cell, so if we decide to go on any trips, capacity will not be a concern. 



We preemptively built the transmission as one of our Stage 2 2WD units, and decided to up the fun factor by installing a Suncoast PCS standalone. If history repeats itself, you can be sure we will be installing paddle shifters in this truck.

This transmission utilizes;

The truck has an extensive list of mechanical needs that need to be addressed before we perform any horsepower modifications, but we are excited and wanted to share.  

I think we just wanted a more fun truck to pick up lunch in.

See you guys on our next post. 




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