Valve Body RMA

Model Year: 1994-1995 (47RH)
Sale price$250.00


Use this function to submit your valve body to MPT for repair/ testing.

Please note MPT does not repair or service any valve body if it was not originally manufactured by us. 

Process this as an order to document the return of your product. 

  • If the order number is not provided with the returned product, MPT holds no responsibility for loss or damages to the product shipped in by the customer.
  • If you're sending in a valve body for cleaning/testing and/or repair, we need your rooster comb and electronics to perform testing. You can remove them for safe shipping, but make sure you send them in with the VB.
  • Please do not send your park rod or filter extensions, they will be discarded in the valve body disassembly procedure. 
  • If there are subsequent damages from debris in valve body or valve body requires any new parts to be updated to current specifications I.E. (oversized valves, separator plates, etc.), customer will be invoiced for additional amounts. 
  • Customer is responsible to provide inbound shipment to MPT. MPT is NOT responsible for any inbound shipping damages due to improper packaging methods. 
  • Shipping rate covers one way shipping back to customer. 

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