Stage 4 68RFE - 1200 WHP 2019+

Sale price$16,000.00


In House Installs Only - Contact Us to check scheduled installation lead time before ordering. To schedule an installation date, a non refundable deposit of $500.00 is required.

Prior to purchasing, please review our 68RFE Pre-Purchase Instructions / Criteria

Please note, installed cost $17,000

-SFI spec 29.3 billet flexplate 

-Suncoast triple disc torque converter with billet cover and billet stator 

-Muldoon's rebuild kit with upgraded clutch packs

-Increased 2C clutch count 

-Steel center support with additional 4C clutches 

-Billet 4C apply piston

-Billet 2C apply piston

-Billet 4C retainer

-Maraging billet input shaft with overdrive clutch direct oiling 

-Revmax XR series overdrive drum with 18 clutch overdrive configuration

-Billet Steel 12XR inner drum

-Billet Steel input clutch hub 

-Billet overdrive hub 

-Billet OD/UD pressure plate

-MPT valve body with upgraded solenoid switch valve 

-Billet accumulators

-Upgraded accumulator cover with additional hardware

-DNJ billet channel plate

-Rebuilt oil pump with updated TCC Limit, PR, TCC switch valves are checked and repaired to ensure hydraulic integrity

-New electronic solenoid pack

-Upgraded low/ reverse sprag (Roller Style)

-Tig-welded input planetary

-New speed sensors and line pressure sensor

-New pistons, bushings and bearings

-New MOPAR filters

-Deep pan

 Rated for Trucks Making up to 1200 WHP

If truck doesn't already have one, we will need to install a thermostatic bypass (additional $109.00).

Click here to view our 68RFE Installation Instructions.

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