MPT 48RE Automatic Valve Body

Transmission Type: 48RE (2003-2004)
Shift Firmness: Daily Driver/ Towing/ Street (Less aggressive shifts)
Core Charge: I will send my core in ahead of time
Sale price$850.00


MPT offers high-performance valve bodies built to address common failure points in the 48RE transmission. Higher pressures are applied throughout all of the gear ranges. MPT valve bodies also have increased cooler flow in park .To ensure proper functionality of MPT 48RE valve bodies, every valve body is tested on a valve body dyno before shipping from our facility.

Our Automatic Valve Body Features

  • Updated Governor Pressure Solenoid
  • New Transducer
  • New Wiring Harness
  • New OD/ TCC solenoids
  • All bolt holes checked and repaired if needed
  • Flat sanded castings
  • Castings cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner
  • Throttle valve, pressure regulator and switch valve bores vacuum checked and repaired if needed

We accept a stock valve bodies as a core. If your valve body has been modified with other than a Transgo shift kit, please call the shop and provide us with shift kit or modification information before ordering a valve body. We do NOT accept BD, ATS or Sonnax valve bodies as cores.

Note: If you select the "I will send my core in ahead of time" option, MDP will not ship your valve body until after we receive your acceptable core.

Note: The core provided MUST match the core being purchased. The only exception to this rule is that we will accept a 48RE for the purchase of a 47RE valve body.

To view product instructions for this Valve Body, click here.

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