DIY Stage 1 47RH Build Kit

Core charges: I will send my torque converter and valve body cores in ahead of time
Torque converter stall speed: 2000 RPM
Valve body selection: Automatic - daily driver/ towing street (less aggressive shifts)
Sale price$4,925.00


If you're looking to build your 47RH yourself, this kit includes all of the common parts needed to rebuild your transmission to support 500RWHP. 

Kit includes;

  • Triple disc Suncoast torque converter 
  • Steel front planet
  • Billet input shaft
  • Billet 29.3 spec flexplate
  • Cast deep pan with magnetic drain plug and temperature sensor port
  • High pressure MPT valve body
  • Rebuild kit with clutches, steels, thrust washers, belleville spring, oil pump, direct drum bushing, machined direct clutch plate and selective washers for endplay configuration
  • Low/ reverse sprag
  • Overdrive sprag 
  • Low/ reverse band
  • BorgWarner second gear/ kickdown band
  • Thrust washers
  • Overdrive bearing kit and thrust plate
  • Overdrive support bearing
  • Upgraded servo and accumulator
  • Billet 4.2 apply lever, strut and anchor
  • ATSG manual with additional MPT supplemental material 

PLEASE NOTE : This kit is intended for an experienced transmission technician. MPT is not an educational service for DIY transmission rebuilders. 

Aftermarket Torque Converters will not be accepted as cores. 

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